L&T Emsys Interview Question Bank – Part 3

L&T Emsys Interview Question Bank continued from Part 2

Q : Why is multiplexing used?

A : Resources are limited and number of people using mobile phone and internet services are increasing day by day, so to provide efficient access to all users, multiplexing is used as it allows to share expensive resources among all.

Q : Why is input resistance of an operational amplifier high and output resistance low?

A : Input resistance of an op-amp is kept high for efficient loading at input and maximum transfer of input to the output end (and output end to load) because op-amp acts as an current exchange device from input to output.

Q : What does first machine cycle do?

A : It performs the operation of opcode fetching.

Q : Explain linear phase in FIR filters.

A : FIR filters have a linear phase property which states that the phase is a linear function of frequency and ensures that signals of all the frequencies are delayed by an equal amount of time and thus eliminates the possibility of phase distortion. This property finds applications in audio applications.

Q : What is Routing?

A : Packet-switched networks (for example, the Internet), use a device (in some cases, it’s a software in a computer), that determines the next node on the network to which a packet should be forwarded in order to reach its destination. This device is called a router and the above process is known as routing. Routing is associated with Network Layer of the OSI model.

Q : If X(t) of m terms and Y(t) of n terms are convolved, how many terms are there in their result?

A : The total number of terms in convolution of X(t) and Y(t) (= h(t)) would be m+n.

Q : What do you mean by Finite Impulse Response filter?

A : FIR filter is a type of filter whose impulse response (i.e. response to a finite length signal like impulse signal) is of a finite duration as it settles to zero infinite time.

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