L&T Emsys Interview Question Bank – Part 2

L&T Emsys Interview Question Bank continued from Part 1

Q : Which is the basic gate used for TTL logic?

A : The basic gate used for TTL logic is NAND gate.

Q : What is pipelining?

A : Pipelining is the process of en-queuing the next process to be executed while the current process is still under execution.

Q : Name a specification that is not for digital I.C.

A : Bandwidth.

Q : What is transponder?

A : Transponder refers to TRANS-resPONDER which is a device that receives, amplifies, and then retransmits the (reply) signal to a different frequency upon proper verification of the received signal.

Q : Which logic family has the lowest propagation delay?

A : ECL (Emitter Coupled Logic) has the lowest propagation delay.

Q : What type of communication is used in USART?

A : USART (Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) uses half duplex mode of communication.

Q : What are active and passive components? Give examples of both.

A : Active components are components that produce energy (in the form of voltage or current) such as transistors, while passive components consume energy like resistor, capacitor etc.

Q : What is the result of 1000>>2?

A : 1000>>2 (i.e. right shifting 1000, 2 times) is 0010.

Q : What is scratch pad?

A : It is a high speed internal memory for temporary storage.

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Gautam Vashisht

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