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Welcome to VLSIFacts: let’s program the transistors!!!

You might find a bunch of nice computer programming websites, but you rarely find a very informative website on VLSI. So we, a group of people have decided to start a platform to make VLSI easy. This portal would help you to find many basic as well difficult concepts of VLSI in a simplified way.

The following small but energetic group is ready to have a cup of coffee and a discussion with you on any topic related to VLSI 🙂

The first meet

The first meet



An engineer by education, a teacher by profession, and a writer by orientation. A master degree in VLSI and Embedded Systems from IIIT Delhi, having around 2.5 years of industry experience in VLSI field. Currently in teaching profession with around 3 years of teaching and counting. A passionate writer, enjoying his work @igniteengineers other than VLSIFacts. The editor of this portal, loves to interact with people, respects others effort and believes in team work. A dream started with the foundation of VLSIFacts is still to go a long way with lot of contribution and discussion in VLSI field.



An engineering graduate from JIIT, NOIDA working in the VLSI domain. Started following the passion toward VLSI from the engineering days. A budding blogger with a vision to spread the knowledge and awareness related to VLSI. The contributor believes that the fear of “VLSI being less job oriented” and “hard to understand” shall be removed to harness the talent from every electronics engineer’s thought.


An “engineer” in Electronics & Communication branch from JIIT Noida, having interest to acquire knowledge of core ECE domains like VLSI, Telecommunication etc. The contributor is passionate about VLSI and has worked on multiple projects in the field. Believes in teamwork, likes to integrate different domains, share experiences with people, writing articles about his work to make other people feel easy when they do a similar work and thus helping in contribute to VLSIFacts to make VLSI easy to understand.


A learner, who is passionate to learn almost any new thing that life offers him. A person who loves working with both hardware and software as far as electronics is concerned. A budding engineer who is into designing and verification with special interests in Verilog and System Verilog (HDLs). The contributor has done several projects in embedded systems and VLSI designing and believes in contributing to the VLSI domain to whatever extent he can through VLSIFacts.


A learning enthusiast and a budding engineer graduated from JIIT Noida who loves to discover new and upcoming technologies. Believes that there should be no end to human learning. A proud member of the group, envisions that slowly but surely this little platform named “VLSIFacts” would help and inspire individuals towards the VLSI domain and hopes to contribute to full extent towards the cause.


The first female member of the group, the contributor believes that there is nothing that cannot be achieved by hard work. This electronics enthusiast has a keen desire to use VlSIFacts as a platform to impart whatever knowledge she has of VLSI to its readers and also constantly learn from them.


A Dreamer whose dreams are big and is on the move to achieve them. Pursuing engineering in ECE branch from JIIT with the belief that engineering stimulates the mind. Engineers have to get their hands dirty by making things, dismantling them, fixing them again, and get electrified. Loves to spend time solving VLSI problems (Digital Asic Design in verilog, Layout Design, FPGA prototyping) and also have a hand on Image Processing with Matlab, Python (OpenCV) with a keen knowledge of Embedded System. The contributor loves to share his hands on experiences at VLSIFacts.


Opportunities never wait for us and therefore making the best use of this opportunity to be a part of VLSIFacts would be a nice step towards exploring, improving and sharing with you all, the skills and knowledge that I have. A passionate Learner, having the zeal to gain more knowledge, specially in ‘VLSI’. Having good skills of coding and implementing the logic in Verilog HDL. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works “- this point should be considered for excelling in any field.